Passenger With Disabilities

Mobility Aid Services (*)

The Airline always provides passengers with disabilities our warmest assistance. 

The Airline offers the following Mobility Aid services:

  •    Blind Passenger Service – free of charge
  •    Deaf Passenger Service – free of charge
  •    Wheelchair Service – free of charge
  •    Service dog accompanying disabilities – free of charge
  •    Disabilities passenger’s wheelchair – free of charge
  •    Accompanying cabin crew service – fee applied (except on flights to/from the US)

Please inform our branch offices of any special assistance you may require while travelling with us. 

Important Note: The Airline accepts for carriage accompanied/unaccompanied blind, deaf or with problems walking if he/she is otherwise healthy and does not require medical clearance. 

On flights to/from the US, medical clearance is required only if:

  • The passenger is traveling in a stretcher or needs medical oxygen during flight, or
  • The passenger’s medical condition is such that there is reasonable doubt the passenger can complete the flight safely without extraordinary medical assistance during flight.

Request Mobility Aid Services – So simple!

When to request (*)

Except on flights to/from the US requests for Blind Passenger Service, Deaf Passenger Service, Wheelchair Service or carriage of service dog must be made as soon as possible and:

  •    At least 24 hours before departure of international flights.
  •    At least 8 hours before Vietnam domestic flights.

Request for accompanying cabin crew service must be made as soon as possible and:

  •    At least 5 days before departure if your itinerary involves one or more international sectors and
  •    At least 3 days before departure if your itinerary involves only Vietnam domestic sectors.

On flights to/from the US, 48 hours advance notice is required for: 

  • Provision of hazardous materials packaging for wheelchairs and other assistive devices, if needed, 
  • Transportation of a group of ten or more disabled individuals traveling as a group, 
  • Transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service dog in the cabin, 
  • Transportation of a service dog in the cabin on a flight segment lasting 8 or more hours, 
  • Accommodation of a passenger who has both severe vision and hearing impairments, 
  • Use of a ventilator, respirator CPAP machine or POC, 
  • Use of an incubator, 
  • Hookup a respirator, ventilator CPAP or POC to the aircraft electrical system or use of a stretcher; 72 hours advance notice is required for receipt of carrier-supplied medical oxygen.

Where and How to request (*)

Please advise us of your physical condition in advance for better airport and cabin assistance, after reservation and ticketing at our office through online booking. Special service requests can be made as follow:

  •    Request at the Airline offices
  •    Request via email to the Airline offices. Your request via email should have relevant information such as passenger‘s full name, booking, ticket, services needed and other special request.