1. Passenger Ticket

Since passenger ticket is required for check-ing and immigration purposes, please keep your ticket thoughout the journey.

2. Form of Identifications

To comply with Vietnam's Civil Law, you're recommended to read the following guideline carefully:

- All passengers travel on internaltional flights will need to present their passports, travel documents and immigration documents.

- For passengers travel on domestic flights in Vietnam:

Non-Vietnamese nationalities: Passport

Vietnamese nationality (one of below document is acceptable):

- Passport

- Identity card

- Military Identity card

- National Assembly membership card

- Communist party membership card

- Press Identity card

- Driving licence

- Aviation Security control card

- Airlines Identity card

- Confirmed form written by local police or authorities

For children without a passport:

Non-Vietnamese nationalities: a legitimate document with full names, date of birth and portrait picture is required.

Vietnamese nationality: Certificate of birth is required

3. Arrival documents

You will be required to fill in an Arrival/Departure form then present it at immigration counter. Please ask for help from cabin crew if you’re not familiar with it.

4. Visa

Normally you’re required a visa to travel to a particular country where you’re non-citizen. Except the ASEAN countries (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, Timo Leste), you are allowed to stay in Vietnam in 30 days.

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