1. Economy:

With an ergonomically friendly design, wider pitch, generous dimension and recline angle, our seat will make you feel very comfortable during your flight.

2. Business:

We understand that a comfortable seat is very important for a pleasant flight. For your comfort while flying, and for that assured fresh feeling, we have designated the most luxurious Business Class seats. Particularly, on long-haul flights with Boeing 777 aircraft, the 51 cm (20 inches) wide and 150 degrees recline Business Class seat will make you feel relaxed and satisfied.


1. Movies:

From Hollywood blockbusters to famous Vietnam’s movies, all are on our flights for your enjoyment. With various genres ranging from action, adventure to comedy and romance, our movies are chosen for your utmost entertainment. Especially, our state-of-the-art on-demand entertainment system enables you to make your own choice of programme. So, let’s sit back and make yourself at home onboard!

Inflight entertainment is available on international flights of over 03 hours.

2. Television:

Our inflight entertainment offers you many genres of television program, including Comedy, Nature and Travel, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Sport, Kids/Children’s, and Vietnam’s documentaries.

Inflight entertainment is available on international flights of over 03 hours.

3. Music:

We’re glad to offer you a collection of albums of the world’s well-known artists together with different music genres, including rock, R&B, classical, etc. Especially, Vietnamese artists’ albums will bring you a new look of Vietnamese music. Besides, there are numerous music channels available for your choices, including Top of the charts, Soft sound, Jazz scene, etc.

Inflight entertainment is available on international flights of over 03 hours.  

4. Games & Applications:

Our inflight entertainment offers you ten interesting games*. Whether you like to challenge yourself or simply want to relax, you will always find the ones of your interest.

Only available on personal screens of selected Boeing 777 aircraft.

5. Entertainment devices:

- Screens: There are two types of screens available onboard: personal screens and main screens.

- Headphones: With our standard headphones, you will feel a good audio quality as you enjoy our entertainment. Especially, headphones with noise cancellation technology are available for Business Class on our Boeing 777 aircraft (*), delivering top audio quality.

- Handsets: Our handsets are friendly designed for easy access to the inflight entertainment system.

* Noise cancelling heaphones are available for Business Class on selected B777 aircraft.

6. Newspaper & Magazines:

Vietnam Airlines’ inflight magazines:

Heritage and Heritage Fashion are among the most read and top quality magazines in Vietnam. Issued bi-monthly, they provide the latest information on national culture, tourism, society and entertainment.

Magazines and newspapers:

Depending on routes, we offer complimentary newspapers and magazines in Vietnamese, English and other major languages. They will keep you updated of news around the world.

7. Communications:


In long-haul flights with Boeing 777 aircraft, we offer telephone services on board.


In-seat power ports are available in selected Boeing 777 aircraft. If you want to make your laptop and personal electronic devices work or be recharged, please connect your 15V DC-75W power adapter to the port.

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